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Here`s what people are saying about Change Begins Today CBT Ltd.

"Working with a child can be very complex but my son was able to open up ..he felt valued and respected..he knows what triggers his stresses and how to deal with it"

Parent of young person, March 2017


"Some of the techniques didn't work for me at first but this was addressed as and when the difficulties occured and I learned alterntative ways of coping"

Anonymous female, March 2017


I was extremely resistant at first ...Sharon very quickly 'got me' ..her approach meant I very quickly understood what I needed to doto get past my anxiety and also to prevent it happening get out what you put in...I'm not my old self but a different new me, stronger and definitely moare aware of me and how to manage stress and anxiety".

Anonymous female, February 2017


"I didn't necessarily enjoy the sessions because they were emotional and uncomfortable but i walked away from each one thinking I had achieved something and that I was learning how to cope".

Anna, May 2016


"CBT with Sharon helped me at the point of thinking no one could"

Lorna, January 2016


"Sarah helped me understand my thoughts and feelings"

Anonymous young person, January 2016


"I was sceptical at first but it [CBT] gave me a way to unravel my thoughts and deal with theings one at a time"

Anonymous male adult, October 2015


"I have more confidence now and live in the moment...I assess how i feel and think and find a way to deal with it that lets me go into situations...I give myself choices and can change them if theyre not working and don't criticise myself. Before i would be shaking inside and thinking they could all see how rubbish i was"

Steve, June 2015


"Out of the list of therapists, i'm so glad i picked you! I always felt i could talk, you helped me understand how i was interpreting things and gave me options to process thoughts differently. You pushed me at the right time and gave me so many CBT options that i have a tool kit always with me now.  You were what i needed at a difficult time.. "

Sue, January 2014

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